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12-15-2012, 01:30 PM
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Originally Posted by um View Post
who cares if he doesn't make team russia, its team russia for ****s sake being a top 12 russian forward is an incredibly high standard you really should lower your expectations
While Russia has generally not gone with younger forwards quite as much lately unless they're elite players I'd still consider it a disappointment under the circumstances. Considering his skill level and desire to make the team he should be able to beat out the Morozovs in the mix. That's assuming he can play a responsible enough game and that's where perhaps the challenge of the NHL would have helped him the most. As-is I'm not sure he'll be nearly as well-rounded, although perhaps the politics at play will negate the difference. I tend to doubt it, particularly for these games with the stakes so high. A conservative roster seems most likely so he'll need to prove himself in that regard most of all IMO.

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