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Originally Posted by jsykes View Post
Or you could just put more passes on them for him.
Way to take out of context

Originally Posted by Fanned On It View Post
LOL nowadays, a normal goalie cut is anywhere from 1/4" - 1/2". I see these hollows for goalies way more than I see 5/8" or more shallow. 10 years ago I saw less goalies getting deep hollows, but even then, they were.
That simply is not the case. 1/4" is severely extreme for either a skater or a goalie.

We get tons of sharpenings in our 3 surface rink so I know all about volume. I, personally, take my time leveling each and every skate and I still get it done faster than I would if I cross-grinded every single one. If you're good, you can level the skate off pretty quickly WITHOUT cross-grinding it or using silly gauges. I think it's hilarious when customers ask me if they can see our gauge on their skates lol.
Cross grinding takes 2 seconds to do so I seriously doubt that. If it's slow and you have the time the check the level and see if there's any nicks or anything than sure. But when there are 10 skates lined up it's far quicker to just run it through the cross grinder.

Originally Posted by jsykes View Post
Not true at all. I can get a skate level with an existing hollow faster than it takes to actually cross grind the skate. With the 5 or 6 passes it will take on the cross grinder, I can already be level.
5 or 6 passes? Seriously? No wonder you're whining about taking too much steel off, it takes 2 tops.

Completely false. We handle plenty of tournaments where entire teams want a sharpening before their game in an hour and we dont cross grind and we make sure all the skates are perfect. As a matter of fact, there are days where we're changing steel or doing rivets for these teams at the same time.

Its entirely possible if you have people that know what they're doing.
We as in several people? Little bit easier when there is a team of staff doing it.

But Aucoin is right. No sense continuing to argue as we all know that if its a 4 sheet rink in the GTA which is the world center of hockey, and he's the most experienced, then we are all just pawns in his world that dont know what we're talking about.
Sure thing bud. I'm not the one acting high and mighty here.

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