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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
The PA really doesn't have a leg to stand on. Why Fehr is stalling I don't know. I'm pretty sure he wants the season to be cancelled so he can say "see I told you, the nhl planned the season to be cancelled along blah blah blah...magic date...blah blah blah."

Also, it's upsetting that they were willing to put the disclaimer option to a vote but not any actual proposals offered by the league.

The players have already lost more than they'll ever get back no matter the deal and they've distances themselves from the owners even more so than before. What Fehr's end game is, I don't know, but it's just a mess.
Seriously, why not put the last proposal to a vote? At the worst, nothing changes.

I think NHLPA is scared to do that. Reality is, 5 or 7 or whatever year terms. FEW players get that term, few. Like a small percentage of all NHL players can even dare to dream of an 8 year contract.

As Neuvirth said, it seems to be rejected for stars, not the little guy.

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