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12-15-2012, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
Nice shot at me but what ever.

I never once claimed to know how this was going to go down all I was saying was a vote on the last proposal would be direct evidence that the union is not working and that this isn't a tactic. Why would they not vote on it? What have they got to lose unless this is just a tactic to sue the nhl? If they are just doing this to sue the nhl then they clearly care less than the owners about playing hockey.

"The NHL couldn't take back the filings, while the players could display that NHL filings based on a menu vote is not negotiating in good faith." That's not negotiating in bad faith that is a procedure to make the lockout legal in the event the union breaks down as several players have publicly said they would consider.
You caught that I see

This is all a page from the sports labour negotiation script anyways. I just love how people hate on the union with notions that they're demands are not good for the game, yet everything they allow in their CBA makes the game healthy.

The draft, being an RFA, penalty fines, etc., all takes away from personal freedoms, but without them the game will crumble. No question that free market players would contract the league and cause the game lose competitive parity among teams. That's just market dynamics. As is the supply and demand for more skilled labour, hence only the best players available in the market would be selected, thereby countering the replacement players paradigm.

It's the lose of personal freedom that the players sacrifice to make this game healthy. But their demands are outrageous when the cling to the little freedoms they have left? More revenue sharing among owners is out of the question because the owners feel they're entitled to the freedoms of individual profit maximization, as no busines owner wants to subsidize a struggling competitor.

Then let the union dissolve. Perhaps then the owners will respect what a cooperative business model looks like. These ranchers think they're special, as if they themselves aren't chomping on the grass like cattle to stay alive. We all ***** ourselves out someway or another.

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