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12-15-2012, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Ih8theislanders View Post
As a neutral observer, the Mets aren't doing anything this year with or without Dickey. Why just continue the mediocrity when you could take further steps toward contending by trading away a 38 year old pitcher? D'arnaud is the best catching prospect in baseball. They desperately need someone there, their fielding prospects suck as a whole. Suck it up for a year and then go to the ball park every ****ing game in 2-3 years when the Mets can contend.
You're ignoring the very high possibility that the prospects bust. Then we lose Dickey and we continue to suck even in a few years.

People act like real life is like a video game where potential is a known quantity and projecting the future is simple. It's not, especially in baseball. Dickey is the best player to come to the Mets since Piazza. It would be a mistake to just throw that away for a hope and a prayer.

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