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Originally Posted by Bender View Post
It is both refreshing and SO surprising that you would argue such a universally accepted concept such as 'players tend to get better as they get older and gain experience'

Please note since you don't appear to agree with this, then you actually believe that players get WORSE as they get older and gain experience.
Are you referring to me? I'll respond with the assumption that you were.

If you look a couple of posts back, I very explicitly wrote "A lot of times, young players do improve. No question." I've never once said that all young players always get worse. But the simple fact is that some players do get worse, others simply coast at their current level, and others get better as they gain experience. My point is that it isn't a given - or even "likely" - that that third option is the one that will happen, which is how I interpreted your original statement. It might happen that way with the Avs young players, and that would be great. But it also might not, and I simply put forth a trifecta recent example that occurred on our own team as evidence that 'getting better' isn't a given, and that some of us are going to need more than blind faith to believe it. I'm particularly concerned about it here and now, given the team's coach.

Originally Posted by Bender View Post
I am going to call you on this at every turn and be extremely annoying with this since, for some unknown reason (ill assume boredom), you feel like debating to death even a universally accepted concept such as this one.
I can't have an opinion and respectfully discuss it without being targeted?

A perfectly reasonable debate flushed away for no apparent reason. Yes, a very disappointing response.........especially given its author.

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