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12-15-2012, 03:32 PM
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Originally Posted by ChuckWoods View Post


With some free time on my hands, I have decided to create a league that is going to be fast paced and dedicated to the die-hard NHL13 and real NHL hockey fans around this board.

It is going to be 50% games played, and 50% sims. The reason for this is because not all of us have time to be NHL13 wizards and compete with some of the skilled guys in other leagues. What this creates is parity and the ability for a lesser skilled guy to compete for a playoff spot through making smart trades and good team building.

This 50/50 pace will also ensure that we go through at the very least 6+ seasons, which means the draft picks we trade matter, the prospects we trade matter and the depth on our team will very much matter as injuries WILL occur through the season. So be careful when making a move and be sure that is what you want to do with your team.

We already have a strong core of the most active guys around, so we are looking for about 15 more guys to fill this league out. I truly believe this league has huge promise and believe it will live up to all of our expectations.

Trading and Player Movement Rules;

- Teams are allowed 2 trades per season that involves roster players. In this trade you can only move 4 total roster players between the teams and 6 total pieces between the teams. Those additional two pieces can be a prospect or a pick. I will allow “throw in” contracts to make things work, but I will be the judge of what a “throw in” contract is. Usually the least valued guy of your contracts.

- You will be allowed 1 additional trade that allows you to move ONLY prospects/picks. This Prospect/Pick trade can be made at any point in the season.

- Newly acquired players CANNOT be traded (Free Agents or Trades) for one season. Very rarely does a player get traded the same season they were acquired, despite the Carter/Versteegs’ of recent memory. I will allow prospects and picks to be flipped tho.

- Waivers will be ON for periods when we play which will allow teams to dump a contract if they wish another team to pick them up, and then they will be turned OFF just before advances so nobody loses any prospects due to EA’s stupidity.

- ANY player can be traded in this league. But it must make sense for both sides, and it must suit the direction of the Franchise that is trading their key pieces. I realize we play this game to use our favourite players, so I will not interfere with simple swaps of star players. I will step in if I see a seriously lopsided trade.

- Trades are to be posted in the HFBoards thread by both teams and confirmed. If I do not see these trades confirmed by both sides, I will not accept the trade in game just incase one was “accepted” by accident.

General Rules and Game Play Rules:

- Every team must set their teams to be CPU Playable. This well ensure the most active teams get their games in, and if someone cannot make their scheduled games, you can post on this thread and give all other teams the “Go Ahead” to play your CPU. YOU MAY ONLY PLAY SOMEONE ELSE’S CPU WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION 1 HOUR PRIOR TO ADVANCING.

- Inactive members will be contacted to see what the issue is, and without a real excuse or reason they may be removed to keep the league moving forward.

- I will not accept a CPU DNF higher than 0%. You will get ONE warning if I find it higher than 0%. If you cannot provide a legitimate reason as to why it will be higher, you will be removed.

- Advances will be every 3 days from the start of the league.

- We will play the 1st block. After that first 3 days, I will “advance” ahead a block which will then be FULLY simmed. That will get us to our next block and that will be the one we have 3 days to play.

- The league will be created on Xbox once I get 20 teams. NOBODY is to play a game until we are filled at 30 teams or unless I say otherwise.

- Injuries and Salary cap will remain on.

- Note that during a 50/50 sim, long term injuries are a real possibility. It is your responsibility to build a deep and successful team. So it is up to you if you want to deal 2/3 roster players for one big piece.

- I will not accept diving in the offensive zone, or ragging the puck in the last minutes of play if you are leading.

- Please try to arrange scheduled times to play with players via PM on HFBoards, or add your opponents to Xbox Live to see if they are online to play.

- The gameplay will be set to All-Star.

- I am sure there are a few things I have missed, that will come to light shortly.

- I will be creating a Chatzy room for the league so everyone can keep in touch and discuss trades, game times etc. This will surely be an active room.
Hmmmm, bolded seems a little bit familiar....

Good luck with your league man.

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