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12-15-2012, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
This week.. completely agree with you. I'm looking at this in sequence and see the NHL owners replying to the idiotic movement by the PA to decertify with their own idiotic movement to file a lawsuit. This was a lost week because neither of these things will work and are complete time wasters. This is where I disagree with both groups and think they are just ****ing over the fan.

What a complete joke this is. A complete joke.
If the league believes the NHLPA is going to disclaim of interest, they would have been stupid to not launch the pre-emtive suit/complaint. Neither these things mean the two will stop negotiating. It's exactly what happened in the NBA labour dispute last year. With that said, while I hope that both sides will be rational with this and eventually come to a deal, this really has the potential to blow up, especially being unsure of Fehr's endgame.

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