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12-15-2012, 05:17 PM
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Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
This applies to both sides does it not for if there was no draft we would have the Leafs,Canadians,Rangers just staked and the rest of the league would be farm teams who is that good for the game? The owners give up just as much as the players do in order to make the game work as well as it does.

The reason I am pissed at the union is that they were offered I feel a very solid deal in October but not only didn't they take it seriously but offered up 2 ****** deals to counter it with knowing they would be shot down. I love hockey and I have always looked up to the players but in this lockout it looks like they either are being lead by ego's looking to get revenge on the owners or they simply don't understand business. The union has publicly misstated facts numerous times and has taken many shots at the owners and Bettman when you just don't see it happening the other way. I am pissed at the union because they are acting like children while complaining that they just want to play. If the owners were looking for more than the other major league's I may agree with the players but they are being offered the best CBA for players out of the 3 big leagues with a salary cap and they continue to act like it is beneath them.
No they don't. There's laughable revenue sharing. Plus they're's no T.V deal and too many franchises. Players salary is a band-aid issue in the NHL given that it's a gate driven business.

If if wasn't for the draft (a player concession) the league would be a disaster. So the players are holding this league together?

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