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12-15-2012, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
New York Rangers:
JT Miller is our most underrated prospect and I believe he is one of the most underrated prospects for the NHL.

When drafted in 2011,
I asked for an all around player that can lead the Rangers to a Stanley Cup and I believe he will help the Rangers through his smart and intense style of play to many Stanley Cup chances.

With 3 goals in 21 games, 5 goals the previous year in 29 games... he was said to have difficulty finding the back of the net. 30 points or so in 50 or so games. Yet he was said to have a strong two way style of play, hard nosed, intense, leadership and strong on his skates.

After that draft, JT Miller popped off. 62 points in 61 games in his rookie OHL season. In his first year along side men in the AHL he has 14 points in 29 games. I understand none of these stats are to WOW about but its his solid stats on top of strong and over the hill hard working game. At 19 years old, I think he has a strong chance for some Ranger time this year (if a season exists) and more of a chance to play next year on the first team. Plus he will have time to show off his skill I guess in the WJC. One of the top prospects available.

I think he will only grow more and more.

I believe he will be a top player for the next generation of Rangers. A generation where hopefully the Rangers already have one Cup. An older Hank, a more grizzly leader and older experienced Callahan. Rick Nash having made a true name for himself haha.
A guy can dream...

anyway, yea JT MILLER
I'll have to agree, I'm a huge fan of Miller. He is doing great as a 19 year old in the AHL and has more points then Kreider. The team he is playing on isn't great either.

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