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12-15-2012, 04:31 PM
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Originally Posted by MarkGio View Post
No they don't. There's laughable revenue sharing. Plus they're's no T.V deal and too many franchises. Players salary is a band-aid issue in the NHL given that it's a gate driven business.

If if wasn't for the draft (a player concession) the league would be a disaster. So the players are holding this league together?
Yes they do, the draft is decades old the players aren't giving it up, and again if there was no draft then there are half as many teams at most and the major of players are looking for jobs so the draft helps the owners as much as it helps the players both side gain something from it. I don't get the no tv deal they just signed a huge deal with NBC? Player salary is over half of the cost of running a team if they control that by not paying players 10+ million then it will go along way to fixing the finical problems in the league. The players aren't holding the league together but like an union and their employer they are working together to ensure that everyone in the company can make a profit including the owners who you seem to feel should be losing money because they are rich.

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