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Originally Posted by FolignoQuantumLeap View Post
Basically my point on Zibanejad is that there's far too much emphasis on his numbers or more specifically the 1 goal to his name thus far this season.

This seems to be the focus of the discussion around the player rather than the high number of quality chances he's creating
Agreed on point one, bringing that up is unnecessary given the small sample. Over the years, however, he's proved to be a be a worse finisher than what some people make him. I also don't think he's been creating that high a volume of scoring chances, but that's both very subjective and tough to pin down as we all have different opinions on what a scoring chance is and which of them should have been converted.

he's excelling in his own end being rellied on a top tier PK in 5 on 3 situations and key faceoffs. These aren't things that show up on the score sheet so people don't care yet its quite rare for a player of his age or draft pedigree to posses these qualities.
Yes, he's been good on the kill and it's a very nice sign that Richardson's trusted him in those situations. In his first year with Djurgården he ended up being trusted, perhaps not the same extent, in these situations as well and did pretty well. Fantastic, if you'd consider age and experience, of course. Don't know if it's that odd for a #6 overall two-way forward to be killing penalties in the AHL a year and a half after his draft, though.

As people have said, the common knock on MZ is his 'hockey sense'. I'm just not sold on that notion given how quickly he's taken to other areas of his game (and other areas of his life to be quite honest). To me, it seems more a case of confidence rather than intelligence. Though perhaps this just raises the issue that 'hockey sense' is too much of a blanket statement to apply to what a player does in all ends of the ice ... but that's a different discussion altogether.
To each their own. Really no way to "solve" this. Some will think it's terrible, some below average, some above average and perhaps someone will even call it elite.

My projection of Mika is that I see him being a forward with elite defensive capabilities, a threat in transition and on the rush, and a punishing forechecker... That's a good player and one that can be put on any line in the NHL. A Mika Fisher let's say. He should be able to develop into this player given his current skill set with little risk. If he rounds out his game and gets more confidence in his shooting ability, goes to the net with more authority, builds his frame etc. He'll be closer to a Marian Hossa or Eric Staal.
Mike Fisher is a name I threw out there pre-draft actually, but I'm starting to think that's a bit generous. I think it's a great way to describe his strengths and flaws, however. Marian Hossa-quality projection, i.e. elite or close to it in all aspects of the game, is in my mind something we may find him to be in Utopia.

I hope I'm mockingly quoted on this segment a lot in a few years.

People just need to be a little more patient and analytical. I love that there's tons of discussion but recently I just don't see much substance or thought put into it. That's partly a symtom of the lockout and now the GDT mentality is bleeding into our prospect discussion.
I think there's been plenty of good discussion and valid points presented by "both sides" of the projection. Unfortunately, everything is going to trickle down to a "yeah, you'll see in a couple of years" kind of thing. It is what it is.

BONUS ANSWER: I agree with you on Benoit. The guy should defnitely be given a real shot. I liked him when he was called up and I'm a believer in rewarding your farm hands even if they are on the wrong side of 25. Defensemen take longer to develop and he could turn into a real asset. He could actually help the 2nd PP unit in a big way. I always wanted Lawrence Nycolat to be given a shot back in the day and the Carkner experiment was very successful.
Really hope so. We need a second unit power play guy more than we need a tough guy who'll fight.

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