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Originally Posted by CoolForumNamePending View Post
Well there have only been two "best on best" (AKA tournaments Canadian fans generally value based on apparent arbitrary criteria) held outside of NA (which probably isn't a good thing) in the sports history so it might be a bit early to draw any conclusions...

On the other hand Canada has never failed to make a final in NA and haven't made a final and overall have just a 7-5 record outside of NA so perhaps there is something to it. If Canada doesn't pick up a medal in '14 then I would be pretty confident in saying there is something to it.

To expand on this a bit in the two NA Olympics Canada and the US have made the final and in the other two Canada has been pretty 'meh' and the US has been downright bad. Still a pretty small sample size but perhaps there is something going on similar to the soccer WC where SA sides rarely win outside of the Americas and European sides rarely win outside of Europe.
The US has been downright terrible outside of North America. Their last medal was in Japan in 1972. Nagano was a massive embarrassment on and off the ice, and Turin was at least just on the ice.

...and you can't blame big ice either because Salt Lake City was played on international ice.

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