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12-15-2012, 04:55 PM
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Anybody stop and think that good old Fehr may be looking to leave behind a legacy on the backs of the NHLPA?
The guy is there to negociate. Hockey means nothing to him. He has his client's back because they're his clients.
The guy wants to set a precedence for all professional sports.
Decertify now and bust the hard cap in the future, thus setting a precedence for all leagues.
IMHO, he has a greater interest in his own agenda than the collective of the NHLPA.
As far as the players doing this for the players of the future, "Are you kidding me?"
they're not earning $8.25 / hr. These are people that are making a starting salary of 1/2 a mill a year. AND YER GOING TO PROTECT THEM FROM WHAT?
The NHLPA hired Fehr to send a msg - fine I get it.
I personally don't think that they knew what they were in for.
doing this for the future players?
If the players are so concerned about other players how about the ones that are losing jobs in Europe?
How about Joe waiter down the street who's take home pay has been slashed because no one is going out for beer and wings at his place of work to watch the game.
How about the small resto owner who is looking at hard times because business is down. Guess it's more important to players to protect future millionaires than it is protect the Joe schmoes of this world.

The owners signed the contracts - pony up
the players are getting paid big bucks to play a kids game

they can all go choke on their wads of cash - both owners and players. both fehr and betteman.


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