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12-15-2012, 05:07 PM
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Originally Posted by MarkGio View Post
I'm sure Yakupov would much prefer a 10 million dollar contract with a team he wants to play for right out of the gate. The draft is a restriction on the labour market, and the players are the labour. So how is it helpful for both sides?

Yep he should would and every player is a yakupov? Wait they aren't and this lockout is suppose to be about the majority of the players not the top few huh weird logic you are choosing.

The NBC deal is a joke. Between TSN, Sportsnet and CBC, I can probably watch 75% of games for all Canadian teams. NBC is suppose to cover the remaining 23 teams? Teams like the Hurricanes aren't being broadcasted like it should.

A joke? It is the best deal in hockey history just because you want a better one doesn't mean it will happen.

So what? HRR is a net calculation. Moreover, Health care salaries can take up to 50% of costs [1]. This makes sense because good health care is essentially good/many doctors and nurses. What makes up good hockey?


Its funny because the owners are also paying for team medics so lets pay the players what they want and supply them with everything

Working together? The league already said the players aren't partners, they're cattle. The players put in an offer an it's rejected in 10 minutes. Cooperation involves respect.

They never said that, that was not an owner. If the players feel so strongly that they are underpaid they should start their own league good luck building arenas and paying ref's and getting the equipment. The owners have paid all the overhead and now that they want to see a profit and now the players don't think its fair, I didn't see them complaining when they were working to 2 jobs in the 1920's

And I never said they should be losing money. When Toronto rakes in a billion dollars while Pheonix is in the hole for 25 million, they league has the business model of reducing salaries by 25 million for each team. Nevermind asking billion dollar teams to share that revenue, it's more "cooperative" to ask the players to solve the problem. It's a stupid model and insulting to the players and fans.
You do realize they increases revenue sharing in the new proposed cba right? It isn't like the NFL's which I have already said I would like to move to but to say they aren't doing anything is bul****.

I don't get how it insults the fans any more the players lying to the media about the deals but I guess lying is ok but wanting to keep what you earn isn't but isn't that what the players are complaining about huh seems like a double standard to me.

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