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12-15-2012, 05:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Stickmata View Post
They're not firing Fehr by decertifying or disclaiming interest. They're just sending him home for a while in the hopes that the owners crack, in which case the union reforms in a day and picks right up where they left off. Which is exactly why the owners filed their grievance with the NLRB, as they are arguing that decertification is a negotiating ploy and in violation of both the letter and the spirit of the rules concerning decertification. And the owners are dead right on this issue. If decertification meant that the players union would be dissolved for ever, it wouldn't even come up as a topic of discussion with the NHLPA. If the players think the economics of the latest offer are bad, they have no idea how bad it would be for them without the union. Except for a small group of superstars, it would be way worse. And the league would be a mess.

What the players need to realize is that, if the owners win on the issues before the federal court and the NLRB, the union is toast and the deal they are going to get is going to be way worse than what is on the table right now. If this goes to the courts, the outcome for either side could be awful, but it's much more likely to wind up bad for the players.
i know there technically not firing fehr, and once it starts up. but at the same time they are saying they could do better without fehr at the helm lol.

but i'm hoping the players weren't really looking forward to those single hotel rooms, or the extra doctors, or there insurance being paid, or the pension for after they retire.

i still say if they do try and decert they should not be able to just put there union back together once the deal is done.

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