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12-15-2012, 06:42 PM
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Originally Posted by CpatainCanuck View Post
So why won't they allow a vote if the NHLPA is really trying to represent the views of the players? Isn't that what a democratic union should do?

Not allowing a single vote on any NHL offer 3 months into the lockout is proof that the nhlpa is not democratic, and is not representing the views of the majority of players.

Frankly I doubt if any "moderate" members of the NHLPA involved with the negotiations even understand the issues being discussed. The widespread confusion about the correct usage of the terms revenue and profit is one example.
The negotiating team hasn't had an offer to bring to the membership....what are they supposed to vote on? When the negotiating committee has a deal they can recommend for a vote, they'll put it forward for a vote.

If "moderate" members don't understand the issues perhaps they should educate themselves, they're invited to participate. If I was on the negotiating committee I wouldn't want an uneducated membership deciding my future.

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