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12-15-2012, 06:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Reality Check View Post
Tigers will have a new TV deal in '14..remains to be seen how that or ownership will effect it.

I think Porcello will stay for now but eventually be traded. Either this season or next.

Scherzer or Fister might be moved but that's way down the line and they'll approach that bridge when they get there. This team is built to win now, Illitch wants to win and I don't blame him for going for it.

Sure..Sanchez is a tad overpaid, but 5/75 is actually a reasonable and fair number. Especially in FA where people will do the same thing next year and complain about X player receiving a contract that Y player received three years ago.

I can see the drawbacks but Cameron and Justice are fine with it. Even Keith Law is generally OK with it.

Also makes trading away Turner not potentially regretable in the long run
The fact that teams overpay in free agency is more of a reason to work to stay out of it than to excuse a deal. Still, I get that it makes sense short term, and that Ilitch is gunning for it all. The problem comes in a few years where we'll have seven or eight guys eating up $150m, unless someone significant is dealt.

With Porcello, I think we hang onto him for another year unless someone gives up something significant - and definitely more than a bullpen arm. All we have behind him is Smiley, and then Crosby? If we deal Porcello, and we roll with Smiley as the #5 and Crosby as the first call-up, we're probably trading for another starter at some point.

Which comes back to deal Scherzer in a couple of years. We'll need cheap talent to fit around the big contracts, and a trade is only way to supplement the draft. Scherzer would clear a big contract off the books and should bring in a fair haul.

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