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12-15-2012, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Kel Varnsen View Post
What's the goal? To win now? Not happening. To win in 2-3 years? Not happening. To win in 5-10? That'll require a total organizational philosophy change. I think Alderson can do that, but this one move wouldn't do much to that end. And I think being able to watch the absolute best knuckleball pitcher ever in the history of major league baseball rewrite the book on knuckleball pitching is worth losing that little lotto ticket. I'm going to have to watch them be bad for a while still. I'd enjoy my life a whole lot more over that time if I can at least watch a historic elite stud on the mound once every five games. Seeing him go somewhere else and do it there would hurt that much more knowing he made it with us and wanted to stay here for a very reasonable contract.
You think this team isn't going to be good for 5-10 years? They have a promising young rotation that will have Niese, Harvey, and Wheeler, an infield that will be in it's prime, Johan's and Bay's money off the books, and with this deal possibly our starting catcher of the future and more starting pitching help. It really is not farfetched to say this team could be good soon. You're basically saying no one on this team is worth a damn and that we should hold on to one of our few assets that we can trade to speed up the rebuilding process just because we won't do anything for five to ten years. That's not how you operate a MLB team. This isn't Tom Seaver we're trading here. I love Dickey and he's been one of the few positives of the team over the past couple of years but when you can trade him to help the team long term in this situation, I don't see how you don't do it.

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