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Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
For clarification, you are referring to the 1987 series during which Wayne Gretzky was playing with a concussion suffered in the final game of the previous round, yes? Because I'd strongly suggest that Dale Hawerchuk's pull-down did a better job of suppressing Gretzky's offense than the Yzerman matchup.
First of all i would caution against going all Dr Recchi is it confirmed that Gretzky actually had a concussion?

But you can strongly suggest it if you want but it leaves a lot to be answered if it is suggested. The game recaps posted pretty clearly state that it was the Red Wings team D that frustrated not only Gretzky but his winger Kurri and the rest of the Oilers in 87. Those same recaps and articles state that Yzerman was a big part of that, and explicitly note that he was not only matched up against Gretzky, but played a big part in keeping him away from the net. So injury or no injury it seems clear that Yzerman was a pretty large factor. I couldnt find mention of Gretzky's injury though.

Going beyond this, the small amount of rest between the Detroit and Philly series seems to have rejuvenated Gretzky enough to get back in form. Concussions ARE tricky injuries but if Gretzky had one i dont think it would be enough to explain the coincidental jump in his stats when he played against Philly, who from what ive read had a very hot goalie and strong team D themselves.

Lastly i took a look and Trottier in 84 doesnt seem to have a great playoff statistically at least compared to his others.

Trottier vs Edmonton: 5 games 2 goals 2 assists (.8 ppg)
game 1: scoreless
game 2: 2g 1a
game 3: 1a
game 4: scoreless
game 5: scoreless
Trottier vs rest: 16 games 6 goals 4 assists (.625 ppg)

Gretzky vs Detroit: 5 games 0 goals 2 assists (.4 ppg)
game 1: scoreless
game 2: 1a
game 3: scoreless
game 4: 1a
game 5: scoreless
Gretzky vs rest: 16 games 5 goals 27 assists (2.0 ppg)

Trottier seems to have statistically performed better vs Edmonton than throughout the playoffs. Gretzky much worse vs Detroit than throughout the playoffs.

This is all aside from the fact that one guy is Gretzky and the other is Trottier.

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