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Originally Posted by Rolen View Post
Try again, and next time don't throw statements out of blatant ignorance.
Cervenkka has a 3.7 something cap hit. Get your facts straight.

Hartley is in fact terrible which is why he's been out of the NHL since 2007.... lol Michel Therrien. You think the only options are guys with previous NHL Head coach experience?

Feaster was also part of the management group that brought back Tanguay and Jokinen in 2010.

And finally, spending boat loads of money on bad players just to finish 9th or 10th is MUCH WORSE than getting a top 3 pick. AINEC.

Originally Posted by Ashasx View Post
Could have drafted Jankowski? Even though numerous sources have come out and said Detroit and New Jersey would have taken him?

Hartley is a bad coach? Says who, you? I can tell you he's better than Brent Sutter. Hartley was able to get a bad Atlanta team into the playoffs.

Again, Feaster did not let Tanguay and Cammalleri walk. That was Darryl. Darryl also let Jokinen walk the first time and he brought him back in the off season. Feaster let Jokinen walk this off season because he was simply awful down the stretch. With the season lost, the Flames aren't bringing back a 34 year old Jokinen. And if they did, you would complain about the team re-signing old players.

Feaster signed a number of players in the offseason because that is his job. He's supposed to try and put a winning team on the ice. A monkey can build a perennial bottom feeder.
The Flames have the 4th highest cap payroll in the league... are they the 4th best team in the league? Not even close. They won't even make the playoffs. To spend that kind of cash for those bad results is not a good way of doing business. The Flames should be selling off their assets for younger ones. Rebuilding. Starting over.

You guys don't want to blame Feaster for Bouwmeester, but he's keeping him around, so he's just as much to blame as Sutter.

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