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Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
This makes no sense. You are saying that our bottom-6 is good because our top-6 is good? So because we have Richards and Nash, I should be excited to see Pyatt, Asham, Halpern, Rupp, Kolarik and Haley all taking regular shift, and Newbury playing as soon as we get a single injury?
No you keep knocking the Rangers depth across the board when in reality the only real concern is the bottom 6 forwards.... Are you saying we have no depth on Defense? No depth in net? No depth among forwards who can skate in top 6 role?

Richards, Callahan, Gaborik, Nash, Hagelin, Kreider, Boyle, Stepan = Crappy depth on offense right?

Staal, Girardi, McDonagh, Del Zotto = Crappy depth on D right? Please name 10 NHL teams with a better defensive core than NYR.

We are a top-heavy team. Period. Our depth sucks. And it would've sucked that much more with Gaborik injured and Kreider needing time in Hartford.
Sayin 'period' doesn't make your opinion a fact bub. Our depth sucks huh? Embellish/overreact much?

Our team's depth is not good, nor is it better than most teams', even when Gabby is healthy. Without Gabby, we'd have one of the worst depth in the NHL, and anyone who fails to recognize it is simply being biased.
LOL so our depth is 'not good' when Gaborik is healthy but 'one of the worst in the NHL' when Gaborik is injured. So according to you our team is one injured Gaborik away from being on par with the worst teams in the league (Edmonton, Columbus, Islanders, etc)? Can you see why it's hard to take your comments/opinion seriously when you overreact & embellish so much???

Please name 15 NHL teams who have better depth than the Rangers... Go ahead as this should be interesting.

Yes, some also lack depth, but Cup contenders all have better depth. All of them.
Just like the Devils heading into last season, right? How was their defensive depth? How many all star / elite defensemen did they have? Tallinder? Volchenkov? Greene? Fayne? Salvador? Wow look at that impressive D-core. Didn't stop them from making it all the way to Game 6 of the finals, now did it?

That's all after this season. In fact, the guys you mentioned won't even be ready next year for significant responsibility. They will either be in the AHL (or the SEL) or just breaking into the NHL under close supervision. I am not discussing our depth in 2015-16. I'm talking about about this year, 2012-13. And our depth is lacking.
Won't be ready? Oh you mean like how Del Zotto wasn't ready coming out of juniors and put up nearly 40 points his rookie season? How about Stepan not being ready and putting up 20 goals and 45 points as a 20 year old? I'm sure you would have said the exact same thing about these players with your glass half empty / cynicism approach. Fact is NHL teams including competitive teams will skate young players in lesser roles and let them develop alongside NHL talent and teammates they will be playin with moving forward. Lindberg & Fasth will both be 22 years old next year.... Not old enough to be ready to play & develop/contribute in the NHL yet huh? Miller will be 20 years old next year, so it's totally out of the question that he could play in the NHL and contribute the same way that Stepan did at the same age, right?

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