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Originally Posted by TheLegend View Post
C'mon Whileee.... it's all been speculation on this board. Everyone predicted for the last four years the Coyotes were moving the following year and it hasn't happened yet has it??? (Can't wait to see the comments on that )

Nobody to this date has shown how much Hulsizer was actually worth, or if he had other investors (Hulsizer gave the impression he was on his own, but it was the IEH guys who brought him into kicking tires on NHL franchises.) Likewise with Jamison.

Nobody has had proof of what actually triggered the previous deals falling apart. We have bits and pieces of information surrounding each one. Everyone here has been filling in blanks based on their own presumptions, personal agendas and what not.....
C'mon, TL.

The City of Glendale said that IEH didn't have the financial wherewithal. I doubt that they were influenced by posters on this board.

The Hulsizer bond issue didn't sell, and that was the center of his lease agreement. No mystery there.

Perhaps we're speculating with Reinsdorf, but in retrospect the idea of the massive revenues from a Westgate-based CFD is pretty ludicrous.

I think that Jamison is the most mysterious of the group, because he has been rather slow in putting the deal together, and he refuses to publicly identify his investors. Personally, I have no firm idea as to whether he has the wherewithal to close the deal, and I doubt that you do either.

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