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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
No doubt Howe is the better player but it's also way easier to lead the league in anything in a 6 team league compared to 22 plus.

Bure just screams goal scorer, and not much else, he leads the league 3 times and is top 5 2 other times despite not having a great setup man or PP QB.

35 goals as a 19 year old in Russia along with the 9 goals in 6 game performance at the 98 Olympics adds to his case IMO.

Injuries took away what might have been but his goal scoring rate was simply incredible and even more so for the era.

Maybe I just looked at the question the OP asked a little differently but goal scoring isn't the 1st thing that comes to mind for Howe, it's longevity and the Geordie Howe Hat trick, a goal, assist and a penalty.
I'm not sure I agree with this premise. More teams means more talent on the whole, but not necessarily at the top. The top goal scorers will be around in a 6 team league or a 30 team league, unless you're referring to the lack of Euros, but I find this often thrown about and am not entirely sure if it is correct. It seems somewhat logical, but if lemieux and gretzky played in a 6 team league they would still be competing against each other and it wouldn't be any easier to win things over them because there was less teams.

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