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12-15-2012, 07:57 PM
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Originally Posted by MarkGio View Post
If you don't know what a lie is, I can't help you. I did say that this is all just PR rhetoric, so I understand when either party exaggerates.

Do you have a source that the contracts aren't worth 389 million? Because I've read otherwise.

And again, the NBC contract is a joke. Coverage is nowhere compared to the NFL, MLB, or NBA. Besides, its not a good idea for the league to lock-out after signing such deals.
He never lied give it up.

Yes it is but show me when they were offered better you can't because it never happened.

This is from the offer
The NHL is not proposing that current SPCs be reduced, re-written or rolled back. Instead, the NHL's proposal retains all current Players' SPCs at their current face value for the duration of their terms, subject to the operation of the escrow mechanism in the same manner as it has worked under the expired CBA. (In other words, under the expired CBA, the compensation a Player received each year was either higher or lower than the face value of his contract depending upon Club-Player contracting levels and the level and growth rate of HRR.) Under the expired CBA, in two of the seven years Players were paid in excess of the face values of their SPCs and in five of those years they received less than their face values. That process would remain intact under the new CBA.

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