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Originally Posted by Zandar View Post
I'm not sure how you can use Nieminen as an example and leave out some of the others. Granted you are using a lot of opinion in the matter which unfortunately results in selective comparison. Nieminen was one of my favorite Avs and Bears players but he bounced around 6 NHL teams after winning the cup his rookie season. Do you think he would have that many opportunities if he was not on the team when they won? Guys like Willsie, Radi, etc put up similar scoring as Nieminen & Richardson. Then you have Larsen who put in the time on the Avs 4th line for years until moving to Atlanta and ending up getting more ice time.

Plain and simple the Avs are good at finding quality bottom 6 players with their later picks...or better yet NHL role players. That is a lot more than most teams. Just because they never solidified themselves as a scoring line forward or a premiere checking line player doesn't mean they weren't NHL level players. Kind of like the concern with the lockout and which players are really being hurt or overlooked.
I'm not sure why you feel the need to nitpick at the players selected. I'll take Niemo or Richardson (who is still in the NHL) over 4th line role players that couldn't stick in the NHL like Willsie and Larrsen any day of the week. I don't consider them anything other than injury plug ins, where as Niemo and Richardson played specific roles and did them well.

Niemo has a cup, and played very well with Forsberg and Drury against LA, and later on with Drury and Hejduk where he made contributions on the line rather than just being a winger riding the coat tails of two great players.

Radi probably should have been bolded based on the sheer number of games he played despite never really settling into a consistent role, but other than that I don't see any players you should be up in arms about not being included. Feel free to point them out and make a case for them if you feel strongly.

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