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Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
I'm not sure I agree with this premise. More teams means more talent on the whole, but not necessarily at the top. The top goal scorers will be around in a 6 team league or a 30 team league, unless you're referring to the lack of Euros, but I find this often thrown about and am not entirely sure if it is correct. It seems somewhat logical, but if lemieux and gretzky played in a 6 team league they would still be competing against each other and it wouldn't be any easier to win things over them because there was less teams.
Lemieux and Wayne are not the standard to be judged against and even they had seasons were they weren't top 5 in goal scoring and the number is more than you would think. and yes injuries are part of the variance of things.

There is more room for variance in a larger league all other things being equal.

Almost all of the top goal scorers have a difference, or variance of at least 10 goals from their 2nd best to 4th best seasons (I think it's even more from 1st to 3rd) in modern times (post expansion, although the same trend would probably be true in post WW2 players over a pro rated 82 game season I would think)

Also the list of other non Canadian feeder guys in the top 10 when Bure was scoring his 5 top 5 finishes are in 93

1 Selanne
2 Mogilny
5 Bure
8 Kevin Stevens
9 Brett Hull is a BC guy, BC isn't a common feeder system to the 06 NHL but also not an American either


1 Bure
2 Hull (depends on how you treat him)
3 Federov
8 Modano


1 Selanne
2 Bondra
3 Leclair
4 Bure
5 Plaffy
6 Tkachuck
9 Jagr
10 Sundin


1 Bure
2 Nolan (Ireland, okay that's cheating he is a good old Canadian boy)
3 Amonte
4 Kariya (another BC boy, BC had exactly a bakers dozen of players to play a single NHL game before expansion and their number have increased far beyond what would be expected with the increase in teams)
5 Jagr
7 LeClair
8 Modano
10 Hejduk


1 Bure
3 Jagr
4 Bondra
5 Kovalev
6 Mogilny
7 Naslund
8 Hejduk
10 Elias


2 Guerin
3 Sundin
5 Naslund
6 Bondra
7 Tkacuck
9 Satan
12 Alfredsson
14 Demitra
15 Modano
16 Bure 34 goals in 68 games (against only other 06 feeder type players it was still 7th best)

We can see that the expansion of the player pool and talent into the NHL from Europe and the states have a profound affect on the leagues top goal scorers.

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