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Originally Posted by TheLegend View Post
My speculation (snicker) was Hulsizer had the money to make the actual purchase. But it would've left him with no remaining capital to operate and work with in getting the franchise rolling the right direction (marketing, increased player payroll, etc.)... For similar reasons.... Jamison's original AMF in June was front loaded. The new one shaves $30 million off the front 5 years which has me wondering if that changes his initial plans if he gets this all done.
Based on what happened up in St.Louis a year ago next week, your speculation about Hulsizer could well be correct. He seemed to have a ceiling or a "Cap". With the Blues, Scottrade etc it became apparent that he expected the operations to pay for themselves right out of the chute, what capital & credit facilities he did have available maxed in paying for the club & the rest of the assets. Jamison however, another animal altogether, as we really have absolutely no idea if he's for real, what his plans are, who's backing his purchase etc. Beyond a Cone of Silence really, with whatever air was inside the vacuum evacuated with the Lockout, the changes at City Hall. Beyond complicated, impossible almost to read, speculate & perhaps foretell much of anything anymore.

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