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Originally Posted by That View Post
7-4 win for Sarnia. Galchenyuk may have had his best game yet. Picked up his 3rd career OHL hattrick and 2 assists.

Galchenyuk started off the first period fairly quietly. Not much going on his first two shifts. Then he stole the puck the PK and never looked back. At all. He created a ton of chances every shift. He made a few fancy dekes but none of them worked. Well he actually got the puck around the defender, but the defender played the body. He started getting chippy and was dishing out slashing a ton. He made a great pass from the corner to Boucher who was in the high slot, but it bounced right off of his stick. A typical Boucher pass reception. I swear he tries to one time the puck every time he gets a pass. I noticed that he was sitting in front of the net for a good chunk of the game. That's what you need to do to score in the NHL. He picked up his first goal by streaking in picked up a pass and went forehand, backhand and slid in it past the goal. It was his first shorty of the year.

Galchenyuk didn't waste any time in the second by scoring just over a minute in. Similar play as his first goal. He came down the wing and Sarault made a wicked pass and Galchenyuk went forehand backhand for his second of the night. He was finishing his checks all night. He's really becoming more consistent in his finishing his checks. It seems like his best games are when he wants to rub people out along the boards. He did get a tripping penalty though, but it was more unlucky than undisciplined. He had one particularly awesome shift this period. He tried to break through two defenders but couldn't quite. Then he tipped a chance in front of the net and almost scored on a wrap around right after that. Eventually the puck came back into his zone and started a nice passing play. He passed to Sarault who set up Boucher for an easy goal. He finished off the period with a great chance in tight on the power play.

In the third he slowed down. Just kidding. Galchenyuk made a great pass to Sarault, but he completely whiffed on it. Then he almost laid a massive body check in the neutral zone, but the player side stepped him. He picked up his hattrick with a wicked shot after cutting into the slot. He then got an assist by passing it Sarault who passed to Murphy. Murphy hammered the puck from the point. To close out the game he had a brilliant no look pass to Boucher.

Overall, I felt this was one of, if not Galchenyuk's best, games this year. He dominated every shift. Every single time he on the ice he created a ton of chances. Just brilliant tonight. Defensively he didn't have to do much as the puck wasn't in Sarnia's end a whole lot. His positioning was good like normal, but didn't back check very hard, especially in the third. Not really a concern as he had 5 points.

-Alex Basso was awesome tonight. The commentators mentioned that when Basso is going, so is Sarnia. I can't help but agree with that. Every time Sarnia has a great performance, he does too.
-Nikandrov has been great the last few games. He has a ton of confidence right now and it shows. Dangerous every time he touches the ice.
-Reid Boucher had a great game. He missed a few chances but for the most part looked great. He's a solid goal scorer.
-Charlie Sarault had a great game as well. He picked up 3 points and moved into first place in the assist race.
-Sam Bennett was good tonight. He was buzzing every shift, even if it didn't appear under the +/- column. He did pick up a goal tonight.
-Another 96, Spencer Watson, was even better tonight. He was dangerous every time on the ice. He had a great goal. He stole the puck on the blue line and got a breakaway. He didn't score but hung around the net until he was able to bury the rebound.
-I wasn't very impressed with Ryan Kujawinski tonight. Honestly, I don't think I have been in a long time. He just doesn't engage himself enough. He's so talented in every area of the game, but I just can't understand why he doesn't push himself.
That's what I like to hear! Wow!

Thanks for the review as usual That.

Not too worried about him not backchecking in the third, he reads the play with his instincts and he must have thought offense was the way to go, or either Beaulieu gave him directives to go all out offense since it was his last period for a while.

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