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12-15-2012, 10:01 PM
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Just finished it. The save game problem (I could not move from chapter to chapter without a work around) was nearly game breaking, but I did get it to work.

As far as a game? well it was a great story that I enjoyed, but like most adventure games it is hard to classify it as a game in the traditional sense. I enjoyed it very much, but it was a story with very little gaming in it. I will surely buy the next season if there is one, but I am conflicted as to how to define it (a game? or one of those books that say "turn to page xxx if you choose this or page yyy if you choose that - just on computer).

Again, I loved it, but if I were voting I do not think I could pick it as game of the year. Story of the year? sure, adventure game of the year? sure, a must play? sure, but I dont think I would say it was the best game of 2012. It is hard to define but I dont know....

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