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12-15-2012, 10:35 PM
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After spending 4 hours or so at the casino with grandmother, and sitting with her for about half that time watching her just mash buttons with no results because there were no credits in the machine I have a greater appreciation for those who work with mental issues.

And just so I don't come out sounding like a monster in this scenario, let me expound on what went on.
-She started with some cash of her own, but blew threw it pretty quickly, the machine was colder than a witches tit for a long time.
-When I kept trying to tell her the machine was empty and she'd have to put more in and she didn't (or couldn't) believe me I pumped in $150 of my own for her.
-When she eventually hit a smaller jackpot of $200 off that cash I made sure to take some of it out so she could've went home a winner.
-My grandfather stopped by to check in on her (he and I are both table players) and cashed the ticket and held on to some, and gave the rest of her to use on the machine. Problem is she put it in the "vault" of her brassiere so as I was continuing to tell her to put more money in the machine and she refused, I had no way of getting to that cash to help her out.

As frustrating as that was for me to watch, she generally did seem to have a good time. So I guess that's all that matters.

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