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Originally Posted by Zyllia View Post
I know for me, what made me appreciate the series even more is the fact that I'm a WWII nerd. I read and watch just about anything regarding WWII. I always loved Ambrose's books and I really felt BoB did a superb job at translating a great book onto film/TV.

The addition of the real men of Easy Company recalling their experiences, their fears, their grief made it even more compelling.

But that's just me.... ; )
Don't get me wrong, I really respect the show and think it's an incredible and a beautifully authentic effort (and if I decide I don't like the series by the time I'm done, I know I'm in the minority), but I am the complete opposite of you in general when it comes to my interest in war as a topic. The topic is like kryptonite for me, and I tend to like everything from the genre several notches less than most people do.

Distaste aside, it's still the best war-focused thing I've ever seen.

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