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12-15-2012, 11:58 PM
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Originally Posted by RaySheppard View Post
You have backed your point up with numerous references to what opinion columnists had to say at the time. Fair enough and non inflamatory, well stated.

I, however don't agree. Bowman at the time was worshiped by the media. His words were gold by Farber and co. It wasn't until the nepotism crap in Chicago that the media was allowed to question this hockey god. Farber's article is almost disturbing in the fact that Lewis and Bowman get all the credit for a 4 game sweep over the Flyers. Fedorov, Vernon and co..won a 20 game war, winning 16 to hoist the cup. ST.Louis and Colorado were not pushovers to say the least.

You do link an article that states Lidstrom was up against Lindros 60% of the time at even strength. Who was out the other 40% or most of it?

How about PK time? The Flyers had 19 pp's. Just because Lidstrom had 62 shifts vs. Lindros does not mean him and Vlad were never on the same shift. Because they were believe it or not.

I'm not going to search it out, but if you want to look up the pk ice times in the finals of Lidstrom, Murphy and Konstantinov I would be all ears.
I am not saying he never touched the ice against him at least I hope I didn't

I was just pointing out that was Lidstrom's assignment when Bowman could dictate it and Lidstrom deserves the credit he gets for it. Could they have won with Konstantinov playing him, in my opinion yes. In fact who know that might have been the start of the end for Lindros from a big hit from Vlad instead of Stevens. But that isn't how it happened and that wasn't the team plan. Philly got it handed to them and their goaltending wasn't up to that series, they were chasing the puck the whole time and that was across their lines. Sure some matchups might have worked out better but without a better performance from Hextall they were going to lose that series pretty handily.

Konstantinov was a great GREAT player and I still to this day think of him as one of my favorite Red Wings. But this was a point I felt compelled to argue and something I think is well documented as I just tried to show.

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