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12-16-2012, 12:58 AM
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Originally Posted by jmelm View Post
I've seen nothing but arguments & bantering going back and forth the last few pages, yet absolutely NOTHING about the actual topic at hand: how Pouliot is actually performing as we speak (i.e. his development).

First, let me just say, as an aside to people who are complaining that DP didn't make the Junior team (which is absolutely stacked, had no reason to make it, and other "top" Dmen drafted in 1st or early 2nd round this year didn't even get an invite) -- do you realize the considerable endorsement of his play by Hockey Canada to even give him an invite to the pre-tournament camp after not even being invited to the summer camp? Do you guys even realize how rare this is to happen? The mere fact that he was invited, regardless of whether he was cut, after not having been invited in the summer is a pretty big compliment to his play this season.

Second: why is nobody talking about how Pouliot has performed since being sent home from camp? There has obviously been no sulking going on since he returned. In his first game, last night, he got 3 assists and was named the #1 star. Tonight, he scored a goal and was +4 in a 4-2 victory. That sounds like a pretty darned good, motived player -- and that's the type of performance, character and competitiveness you want to see for a kid who has just been disappointed by "losing".

So get a grip, DP & Pens bashers, and start showing this player some of the respect he is showing he deserves.
I agree with this post 100%. A lot of people on this board are still caught up on this pick, and are regarding it as a bad one. It has been like 6 months. If you're bashing this pick then you clearly lack...well a lot of hockey knowledge...Maybe they're setting themselves up for the hindsight argument, but DePo is a good hockey player. Just let the kid develop and reserve your judgments for later. The draft is over. All these people can play GM and say they'd take Grigs or FF and that it'd be the RIGHT decision, but in reality, you aren't making those decisions so have a little faith in Shero and the staff that brought us our 3rd cup instead of playing keyboard GM.

I'm all for reasonable arguments, but people don't present them. Instead, they just bash the pick and stat watch. It's actually kind of funny....

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