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12-16-2012, 01:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Masao View Post
Has there been any talk of some form of arbitration? Seems the only way to get those guys to agree is to force them to
I can't believe either side would agree to binding arbitration. Too afraid to "lose."

Originally Posted by schminksbro View Post
Those players will want to be paid as well. I am from Detroit which is one of the best run franchises in all of sports. Unfortunately their hands are tied due to the cap. They are now just another mediocre team among many mediocre teams. This is a direct result of catering to sunbelt teams.
Interesting. There are lots of teams out there operating under a cap that aren't mediocre. Why can't one of the best run franchises excel under the same guidelines as teams that do excel under them?

Originally Posted by Pepper View Post
So when NHL and NHLPA agreed to a new CBA back in 2005 with salary cap, how much of the deal was based on existing terms?
Well, I'm wondering now how in the world someone can say that deals are negotiated based of the prior deals and then look at the PA's offers and say they qualify. Seems to me those first 5 (well, OK, they were all basically the same as their first) were pretty far removed from the prior CBA. A total revamp of the system. So one has to wonder why they don't have to negotiate based off the old CBA, but the league does.

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