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12-16-2012, 02:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
I dunno, did they?
Not sure where you're going with this. I don't think anything I said would insinuate it, but please, point out where I might've done so.

I talked about why they slipped, no need for me to type it out again. Too many posters want to talk about DP faults and gloss over the red flags these two threw up.

I find that quite.... Odd.
Again, very few players outside the lotto are can't miss. It's all about risk/reward, and most objective evaluations suggest Grigs and Forsberg were better bets than Pouliot.

I'd be careful with this argument and the names you are using. I'll let it slide though.
There's nothing to let slide. Big, skilled centers are regularly criticized for indifferent/lazy play, including generational talents. Comes with the territory.

Then we can say Coots doesn't wilt. That's all we really know, isn't it?

We have no idea how Grigs will handle getting punished by NHL blueliners.
Nobody knows how any draft pick will react to NHL calibre opposition until they are.

For every name you throw out, we both know I can throw out three busted high picks who scouts had questions about their ability to produce offense at the next level. It's the nature of the draft and not a game I think you want to play.
The proof will be in the pudding. I have no problem throwing my vote behind this line of reasoning.

You call it hindsight, I call it patience.
It's "patience" to criticize a pick after it's already done developing?

Sorry, not going to back off that statement. People say absurd things because there are no ramifications.

I have no problem with someone wanting another player. I do have a problem with calling DP a bad pick when it has only been 5 months. Especially when the kid is doing everything you could realistically want him to do.

Its absurd.
It's no more absurd than agreeing with the Pens' choice after 5 months. People who have watched Pouliot and developed dissenting opinions are no less justified than those who tow the party line.

There is a difference between criticizing something without any real merit that hasn't come to pass and rubbing salt in a wound. I'm pretty sure DB knows when he ****s up and doesn't need fans to waltz up and tell him.

*****ing about DB not adjusting in the Flyer series is reasonable. You know he blew it. It's a fact.

*****ing that Shero blew a pick right after a selection or 5 months later is ridiculous and there is no common sense behind it.
Whether it was right or wrong isn't what we're discussing. We're discussing whether it's reasonable to confront a stranger and criticize them for a move we disagree with as soon as we see them.

Personally, I doubt you'd do it, whether it was a point of contention on HF or not. That doesn't make you a coward, it makes you a reasonable human being. You'd come off as a dick if the first thing you said to a Penguins official was a criticism of a minor-league call-up, or a contentious draft selection.

I do think that it would be a great question for Shero though, if a reporter would ask if putting such a high priority on defensemen and players coming up through certain programs could run the risk of overlooking BPAs for the sake of familiarity.

Do you honestly think any team affiliated scout would give Bmac the true org rankings?

I guess if they wanted a new job, maybe.
Where did anyone say they were giving out organizational rankings? AFAIK, each scout was giving out personal rankings.

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