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Originally Posted by bluesfan94 View Post
That's like saying if the Los Angeles Kings had to contract because of finances, their Stanley Cup should be worth less, because they couldn't manage to stay in the league
Not really. Contracting from the NHL is different from contracting from the non-NHL.

Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Well this is worth exploring so I'd like to ask if you'll take it a bit further for us.
How many other people's posts do you honestly expect me to cut and paste from the past 2(+, including past incarnations) threads? A lot of what I've read has already been summarized or at least introduced, but between the rules, his competition (both locally and "nationally" - in the NHL), the war, and the additional merit I see in NHL achievement vs other league achievement, Lehman just doesn't stack up "overall" for me. If career value has any place in this kind of vote, I just don't and can't treat non-NHL careers as being "equivalent" to NHL careers, no matter how well one subjectively bridges the gap between them, or how "unusual" the PCHA/WCHL/NHA situation/relationship was.

The quotes from newspaper articles that we now have are interesting, but I wonder how we might compare that to judging the Globetrotters based on eye witness reports from their games against non-NBA teams, and trying to make the extension to their "equivalence" to an NBA team (we know that the Globetrotters, no matter how talented, barely competed with college teams, let alone NBA teams). After all, we're talking about a goalie who must have looked pretty exciting skating around playing the puck all over the place (and scoring, even). But at his best, he basically had 3 defensemen, wacky rules, and one of the best supporting cast rosters in the league preventing him from getting overly burned for it.

Lehman was particularly successful compared to everyone out there, and that deserves a good deal of credit. Heck, he's a Hall of Famer, so he's entitled to a great deal of benefit of the doubt from those who haven't seen him (like, all of us?). Bumping him up over guys like Hap Holmes and Tiny Thompson, though, or Hainsworth? I dunno, I just see too many reasons not to. There has to be a breaking point somewhere where Lehman's excellence vs his PCHA peers slots into the grand scheme, but then all of a sudden we're faced with a couple of more modern goalies with 100s of NHL games, 4 Cup rings, and a Vezina to their credit... on the same list for comparison... at the same stage...

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