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12-16-2012, 06:59 AM
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As stupid as the players have shown they can be in 2004 and up to now in this lockout, I still say they can't be stupid enough to lose 100% of their salaries this year over this. They can still get a little over 50% if there is a season, and I'll stay in the logic corner and say we'll have a 48-56 games season.

But I'm kind of curious to see how much the 3.3 billion pie would shrink if they are to lose a season over this nonsense.

The player were offered 50% and some make whole for a 82 games seasons. That was the time they should have signed. Yes the owners upped their make whole money since but the players lost a big % of their salaries this year going from 82 to 56-48 or 0 game and who knows what will the 50% of that shrink pie of HRR they'll get now.

Plain stupid...

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