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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
It isn't even that. It is more simple than that. An example of a conspiracy to restrain trade is the NHL draft. With a union it doesn't matter, the Draft is agreed to and it is fine. Take away the union and you have 30 teams agreeing to let one team pick a player first and so forth on so on. It would be similar to all the best law firms agreeing to let the firm with the worst previous year get first dibs on the top graduates. Now I haven't seen the documents still and I don't know exactly what they are claiming, but this is just a very simple example of what a conspiracy to restrain trade is.
I believe that Congress would give the NHL an antitrust exemption before any doomsday scenarios would happen.

It seems as though Fehr's end game is to use the NHL as a test case for the other major sports.

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