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12-16-2012, 08:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Jean_Jacket41 View Post
As stupid as the players have shown they can be in 2004 and up to now in this lockout, I still say they can't be stupid enough to lose 100% of their salaries this year over this. They can still get a little over 50% if there is a season, and I'll stay in the logic corner and say we'll have a 48-56 games season.

But I'm kind of curious to see how much the 3.3 billion pie would shrink if they are to lose a season over this nonsense.

The player were offered 50% and some make whole for a 82 games seasons. That was the time they should have signed. Yes the owners upped their make whole money since but the players lost a big % of their salaries this year going from 82 to 56-48 or 0 game and who knows what will the 50% of that shrink pie of HRR they'll get now.

Plain stupid...
great post

there was a Looney Tunes cartoon where I think Elmer Fudd destroyed his home just to kill a fly- someway this is the NHL

I really want to skip the next 3 chapters (weeks) and get to the ending of atleast this book.

I'm not sure how it will end based on everything up to now but like you I have to think Fehr is thinking he has the last offer, and will try different techniques until the final NHL version of Doomsday is upon us. At that point, Fehr will consult with his players and even if the December 5th final offer by the owners is off the table announce to the hockey world (if anyone cares) that the players are willing to accept it.

Where it goes from there is anyones guess.

This I do know- I am in the top 1% of all hockey fans and be it the sadness of the past few days (and the thought this stuff could get even worse) I am so pissed at both sides it would not bother all that much if they remained in there bedrooms indefinitely and the fallout destroys them both.

Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow about this, who knows, but I'm going to go lift weights for two hours and then go shopping for an hour before watching football.

The NHL would be a great diversion for me personally but right now I'm madder at them than I ever have been especially considering the issues that are unsettled would be resolved between two ratiionale and fair individuals in less time that it will take me to workout.

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