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12-16-2012, 08:43 AM
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Originally Posted by GoBs View Post
When do you guys think a deal needs to get done in order to have a season? End of the week?
that is the question

here is my answer....going by 1994-5 they agreed in early part of Jan 11th I think and got back the 20th. So they probably are working off guesstimate is and this sucks to say for those who still somewhat care

I'll say the next shoe to drop will be games thru the 15th of January and that to anyone who gets it the end- Doomsday

which means they really need to be playing by the 16th so a deal would have to be consummated by Jan 5th

really, they suck if it gets to that point and I am rooting for no season (I'm sure I'll be waving the pom poms if they come back but right now they ****ing suck)

so Jan 16th games have to be underway

deal would have to be made by Jan 5th

but if they get to New Years- just stay in Siberia, Prague, Switzerland, and Germany

what do you think

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