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Originally Posted by rabbit3119 View Post
I wish athletes played for the sport, and not the money.

That's what i love about NASCAR. The drivers just want to drive. How do they get their money? Sponsors. How do they earn their sponsors? Driving well. How do they earn bonuses? Winning. They have to EARN what they get. There are drivers like Kurt Busch, a former champion, who was just recently driving the hell out of an unsponsored car because he wasn't performing well. Started finishing in the top 10 in multiple races and gained a sponsor. Now he is at least guaranteed a paycheck at the end of the week for being a sponsored driver, but if he wants big money, he's got to win. One of the few sports where you start with nothing and WORK your way to the top. That's why most of these drivers and their respective put crews are such classy, and humble people. With hockey, basketball, and football, you see 17-18 year old kids fresh out of high school making damn near 1 million dollars a year for signing a contract with a team before they even play a game at the professional level. You know, a 3rd line winger with one good season under his belt could sign a 6 million dollar contract with a team just based on that season. You know how much the check was that CHAMPION of NASCAR worked ALLL year to earn? The ultimate grand prize to the sport, the prize that is the equivalent to the Stanley Cup, the prize that drivers year after year dedicate their lives to achieve? 5 million dollars.
While NASCAR drivers' big payday is from sponsors and race earnings are significant the drivers do still enjoy salaries in the millions.

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