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Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
Not sure where you're going with this. I don't think anything I said would insinuate it, but please, point out where I might've done so.
I'm not insinuating anything. I didn't have you in mind with my statement, but I can't speak for others, obviously.

Again, very few players outside the lotto are can't miss. It's all about risk/reward, and most objective evaluations suggest Grigs and Forsberg were better bets than Pouliot.
People continue to miss this point: they were not ranked above DP on the Pen's list. Either accept that, or don't.

There's nothing to let slide. Big, skilled centers are regularly criticized for indifferent/lazy play, including generational talents. Comes with the territory.
Then I can throw out names such as Coffey, Housley, Carlyle, and Niedermayer as undersized puck movers who were criticized early on for not having prototypical size/being physically dominant and had great success at the NHL level.

Nobody knows how any draft pick will react to NHL calibre opposition until they are.
Which is exactly why you wait and see how these kids pan out.

It's "patience" to criticize a pick after it's already done developing?
It takes patience to wait out his development.

I don't feel the need to call out Shero's picks early on, so I can point back in several yrs and tell everyone how right I was. I'm not big on using "prospect hindsight", because it serves no purpose.

Let me pound my chest how I was right, eventhough it hurts the org I follow. Great philosophy.

It's no more absurd than agreeing with the Pens' choice after 5 months. People who have watched Pouliot and developed dissenting opinions are no less justified than those who tow the party line.
I see a kid doing everything you could ask from a pick of his pedigree and am quite pleased with the pick. I feel he has a chance to be an impact player if he keeps progressing.

Yet, we have others who say he is a bad pick, because he isn't the guy they wanted (and those guys of course are going to be successful and DP isn't.) Somehow he isn't producing enough points in a league where it is notoriously tough for off. blueliners to put up huge numbers. A league where an NHL point machine like Green could barely avg a point a game.

You tell me which of these opinions are absurd or not.

Whether it was right or wrong isn't what we're discussing. We're discussing whether it's reasonable to confront a stranger and criticize them for a move we disagree with as soon as we see them.
No, we are discussing if those people with an opinion, based on zero facts, would have the courage to say to Shero or DP he was a bad pick.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Personally, I doubt you'd do it, whether it was a point of contention on HF or not. That doesn't make you a coward, it makes you a reasonable human being. You'd come off as a dick if the first thing you said to a Penguins official was a criticism of a minor-league call-up, or a contentious draft selection.

I do think that it would be a great question for Shero though, if a reporter would ask if putting such a high priority on defensemen and players coming up through certain programs could run the risk of overlooking BPAs for the sake of familiarity.
No, I wouldn't rub salt in DB wounds, it would be idiotic. Which is why I tried to defend him all Summer, because no one is perfect. As I maintain, he isn't done growing as a coach. It's obvious he is making mistakes/quite stubborn and it's reasonable to criticize him for it on here.

However, it's not justifiable to criticize a player like DP and suggest he is a bad pick, when again, he is doing everything you could reasonably ask from him. I could understand, but wouldn't agree, if he was having a bad year.... But that isn't even remotely the case.

There is a distinct difference between these criticisms.

Where did anyone say they were giving out organizational rankings? AFAIK, each scout was giving out personal rankings.
They aren't giving out org rankings. That is my entire point.

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