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12-16-2012, 09:28 AM
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Originally Posted by alkurtz View Post
For once we agree on something. The quote, whether said in the heat of the moment or premeditated, has made it more difficult to reach a deal.

I am completely conflicted in how I feel at this point. On one hand I support the players 100%, blame this fiasco entirely on the owners, and think that the union needs to stay united and fight to the end for their rights and beliefs.

On the other hand, I think that the deal offered by the NHL is not all the bad (considering the concessions already made by the PA), that a 10 year CBA is essential for restoring stability to a sport that if this goes on longer, may be on its death bed, and that for the good of the game, the players should accept it.

I think that it has proven true that every deal that is trumpeted as an owner victory always, in the end, comes out just the opposite. It was the owners and GMs (true with player agents) subverted the salary cap established after 04-05. Management is always their own worst enemy and always need to be bailed out by the players. I think players can continue to count on owner stupidity.

So......perhaps (again I'm torn) the PA needs to accept the leagues last offer and move on.
It was nice while it lasted, but back to disagreeing.

I honestly dont know how you could support any side 100% at this point. Thats just absurd. Both sides are shooting themselves in the foot.

As for the ridiculous blanket statement that "management is its own worst enemy," where do I start with that one? Overall, it just shows a complete lack of understanding when it comes to the landscape of the NHL and market economics. Theres a handful of teams that are financially healthy enough to lay out $100M over 12+ years. Once those teams establish a market, that becomes the overall market for elite players. The rest of the league is forced to play in that sandbox if it wants to land the league's elite.

The reason for all this is the top-heavy landscape of the NHL, not because the owners - guys who have become multi-millionaires in their lives - are "stupid"

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