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MJ Minor Hockey

Originally Posted by PokeCheck101 View Post
What's going on down in Moose Jaw bantam AA? Doing very poorly again this year and on par with last year's performance. Is it poor selection, lack of talent, coaching, minor hockey system? I'm not in tune with the south as much. Anyone?
Couple of things about MJ. They have always been a closed center for hockey up to BantamAA level. This means that unlike PA(with similiar pop of 35k) they do not draw outside their boundries and therfore population wise it puts them behind most of the centers in SBAAHL(regina has three teams from 200K). MJ also has an aging population so the only way to properly evaluate all centers would be by number of actual youth players playing in the centers. Statistics I dont have but SHA would have and Im not sure if SHA provides the areas with evaluations of this type in order to determine how each center is doing in player development.

That being said, I do think MJ has a philisophical problem in the way they approach their hockey. I say this because for years I have wondered why they dont have an Atom AA program given their populations size. If you look at the south centers that have an Atom AA program(Yorkton - Weyburn- Estevan-Regina) they traditionally have far stronger teams than MJ. Its not the Atom AA program per se, but the ideal that part of your hockey program should be designed to develop players to play at the elite level. All I have heard from parents out of MJ is their minor hockey has first a closed door mentality and second have that communist attitude that all players should be treated the same, no matter the skill level, with the "Hope" that it will to be the benefit of all kids in the long run. This mentality and model from my point of view will not work. Cant comment on the coaching but if this philosophy carries over into the coaching I see it as a detriment.

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