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Originally Posted by Benzy19 View Post
I just did the same thing as you, except I took the 10 best teams(# of OFF, DEF and GOA stars put together) of the SEL and the SM-Liga. Then I took the 10 worst teams from the extraliga(their teams were better than the other two league's teams) Then I put all the NHLers playing over seas into the DEL and all the 64 + free agents into the swiss league. I turned off salary cap since Euro sports usually don't have any salary cap and started the year at the entry draft.

But for some reason all the NHL players on a Euro team were on the team that replaced their NHL team, example Giroux was on the Pelicans who I substituting the Flyers with. Did this happen to you and do you know how to fix it?
Yes. It happened because EA decided to "update" the European rosters with copies of the players who signed overseas during the lockout. In my European GM, those NHLers are still there because I left the rosters as is, I wanted a few "superstars" in the league. The way to fix this would be to remove those players from the roster using the player movement option under my NHL 13 (I think) off of the main menu.
I had to leave the salary cap on because otherwise teams would have infinite money, and that annoys the living hell out of me.
When you started the league at the entry draft date, did you remember to reselect "current" rosters instead of "draft day default" after making the change to entry draft rosters?
One more thing, I selected classic draft picks because I'm not sure if the authentic draft picks are tied to the NHL team, or whatever team is playing in that slot. Some info on that would be appreciated.

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