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Originally Posted by IU Hawks fan View Post
For one soccer doesn't have OT in games that aren't for elimination. There is no OT during league seasons.

But way to completely change what I was talking about...
The NHL has already decided they don't like that system, also we were comparing the rules for OT hence I posted the similarities in the OT system that takes place when the competition states it's necessary to do so.

Wait, how does pointing out the similarities in the NHL's OT system and that of other leagues "completely change what you were talking about" when you stated that "The NHL is the only of the Big 4 leagues that COMPLETELY CHANGES THE RULES OF THE GAME for overtime"? It's not: The NFL does it (I think they're one of the Big 4 now, right?), soccer does it, CFL does it, and college football does it. Your assertion is wrong.

This isn't rocket science...

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