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12-16-2012, 10:54 AM
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As thedonger mentioned, the Warrior W14 is a Bauer P14 clone, but they only just introduced it on their newest line of sticks. I assume you're looking at a Widow specifically because they're on sale for such a good price right now?

The Gionta might work for you straight up, depends exactly what you like about the P14. Like the P14 it's lower lie than most curves (both are roughly an Easton lie 5), and I believe the rocker is somewhat similar. However, the Gionta is less open, and it's more of a pronounced toe curve, while the P14/W14 is more of a mid curve with a little bit of toe. Agreed with others that the Draper/Kopitar is probably a better bet than the Gionta, the Draper/Kopitar is a Sakic clone, so basically a longer, taller P14 with a slightly higher lie, and more of a smooth mid curve than a mid/toe. Similarly open, though, and for me personally the two curves shoot about the same.

Also, agreed with both of these statements:
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That, and stick to your 100 flex if you're comfortable with it.
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Never try to alter a composite blade. It will break.
Altering a composite blade can be done with some blades, but you'll probably screw up 20 times, breaking 20 blades, before you get one right.

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