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12-16-2012, 11:14 AM
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So this may be old information by this point but I CBA to go look back through various threads.

In NHL 12 you could abuse the system a bit by offering teams trades you know opposing teams wouldn't accept to raise their "relationship" with your team. I always used this to unlock all of the "Have a Good/Great relationship with x number of teams" tasks since it did not use to lower your overall GM reputation

In NHL 13 this same process tended to have the same results with relationships but it would lower your GM reputation. Today while messing around I figured out that if you offer a team a player that is really old and makes a lot of money (example: Sergei Gonchar) for any player with lower value in the red then not only does it raise your relationship score but it also vastly increases your GM reputation. They'll decline the trade each time complaining it is not worth taking on that kind of money while boosting your reputation about 4 points per offer. Just need to add any random draft pick each different time you offer them the deal.

Not as helpful this year since improving assistant coach doesn't help to train better players so there is less of a rush for task points. Figured I'd mention it though in case people were not aware.

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