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12-16-2012, 11:20 AM
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I absolutely agree and I'm pro player here. But what happens if ownership doesn't budge? As I said, part of me believes that a union needs to fight to the death for what it believes. That is a core part of my background. As someone out there on the far left fringes politically, part of me says "to hell with ownership, fight on brothers."

But what will happen if ownership is willing to emulate General Custer and die on the hill? This season will be gone. Litigation will drags on for months. Next season will be in jeopardy. The very future of the NHL will be called into doubt.

The proposed deal stinks for the players but even their own last proposal reflects the changing landscape in all professional sports in North America.

I would make one more stab at negotiating, accept a 10 year CBA, and try to get some giveback on contracting rights. If the NHL continues to stand firm and the calendar goes beyond Christmas and New Years, the PA will be faced with a choice: fight on, perhaps with the decertification process or accept the deal.

All I'm suggesting is that, against what every part of my gut tells me, the PA needs to accept the offer. Maybe I'm just in a holiday mood and need to have my head examined. Maybe tomorrow I wake up angry at the NHL again, and say continue the fight.

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